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ODP S3 – The Market-Leading Platform for Virtual Personal Assistants and Voice Control

ODP S3 creates interactive systems and assistant system that work embedded, cloud-based or hybrid. So you stay in control of your data. Always. 

Unlike mere speech recognition, ODP S3 is capable of intelligent language understanding, proactively supporting the user. With hybrid speech recognition, we create a completely new, previously unknown freedom of user interaction. 

ODP S3 is different – and ODP S3 is unique. Not only does it allow you to always control the data flow to any server at any time, providing unprecedented privacy control, ODP S3 also uses the incredible possibilities of Artificial Intelligence for context interpretation as well as for the modelling of context factors. Continuous semantic processing supports the modeling of these context factors and facilitates a natural, intuitive system behavior.

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SemVox Wins The Car HMI Special Jury Award 2017

Saarbrücken’s AI and digital assistant specialist SemVox has won the Car HMI Special Jury Award for 2017. The award ceremony took place on June 29, 2017 as part of Car HMI Europe 2017.

The Car HMI Award honors international industry leaders and pioneers for their HMI concepts and presents their outstanding achievements.

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Innovative solutions and technologies for voice control, mobile applications and pro-active virtual assistance in dialog systems, based on the latest AI technology.

SemVox was founded in 2008 and has since been dedicated to making information come alive and usable in an intuitive way, creating efficient, simple and intelligent control concepts. No matter if speech input, gesture or touchscreen control – or even a combination of several input modes – SemVox technology gives users the freedom to choose the optimal input mode in any situation.

Based on ODP S3 (Ontology-based Dialog Platform), SemVox develops interactive, multimodal and intelligent solutions for the automotive sector, robots, smart homes, home entertainment, industry 4.0, medical technology, and mobile solutions. ODP S3 enables integrators to develop their own intelligent next-generation speech dialog systems and integrate them into their existing infrastructures.

SemVox solutions and technologies can be integrated easily on end devices (embedded) or run in a cloud, making them deployable on all platforms. With more than 100 years of combined experience, SemVox also provides technology consulting services and supports customers in transforming ideas into innovations.

SemVox is an official Nuance Master Distributor.

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